Embarrassing confessions from a socially awkward individual

I’m an introvert and I need to get a few guilty secrets off my chest.

I struggle with authenticity. By that, I don’t mean that I am not authentic. It is quite the opposite of that.

I struggle with pretending to be engaged by small talk that doesn’t interest me…

And you are probably guilty too

Collectively, we are killing our writers.

And I am ashamed to be playing a leading role. Maybe you are too.

I will explain, but be warned. It will take me a while to get to the point. Please stick with it because I desperately need your help.

By trade, I…

15 questions that I just can’t find out the answers to

Discovering Medium has been transformative for me. It has been a place for safe experimentation and self-discovery. Since starting to write on here in June 2021, Medium has helped me to develop my writing style, find out what the general public will read (and what they won’t) and at the…

Top tips from a specialist in teenage behaviour

An image of two teenagers sitting on a wall.

Teenagers are curious beings. They have reached that awkward phase between childhood and independence. As they struggle to explore their identities and find their path in life, hormones and emotions can run high. …

The reality behind the vaguebook status

No doubt you will be familiar with the scenario. A social media contact will check into the local hospital without giving further details about why they are there. A friend will post an angry face without providing any context about what it is about. …

This two-minute read could change your perspective

Is it me or does everyone seem to be hard done by at the moment? Everywhere I look, it seems that people are moaning about how life has treated them unfairly and how others are not giving them the respect that they deserve.

If I’m completely honest, I’ve been guilty…

The dos and don’ts for supporting recovery

It can be really hard when a loved one has a problem with alcohol. First of all, you might feel like a helpless onlooker as you observe the harm that they are doing to themselves. …

And the things I wish I had known at the beginning

I discovered Medium half way through June 2021 and it has been an incredible journey. I’m now 50 articles down the line and have achieved a small but steady income from the start, so I thought it was time to share my learning with anyone else who is interested.


And the harm you could cause if you do apologise

You have probably heard people say that ‘sorry’ is the hardest word to say. Most of us have experienced that uncomfortable feeling when we have done something wrong and know that we owe others an apology.

But are there any circumstances where an apology can do more harm than good?

And the important questions that it raises about humanity

The story is chilling. A dying nurse has recently claimed that over the space of approximately twelve years she swapped approximately 5000 babies “for fun”. The parents, she says, are unaware.

I’m not going to share the details of the nurse concerned for reasons that will become apparent later. Those…

Linda Guest

I specialise in ghostwriting but write here as myself. I am interested in education, social justice and the human condition. linda@appliedthinking.co.uk.

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